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East Macedonia - Thrace


Hand-picked from Mt. Athos hontroelia olives. I've rarely tried an oil from Greece – or from anywhere else – with this level of complexity and, well, "beauty." (read more)

The aromas are extremely complex and rich, with green cut grass immediately perceptible, then clear, rich olive-fruitiness, accompanied all along by an aromatic tingling in the nostrils – what I'm tempted to call "olfactory pungency."  Tasting reveals an equal complexity of sensations that follows similar pattern, and is in beautiful equilibrium with the aroma:  Pronounced green vegetable notes, followed by green olive fruit, and very slow-developing bitterness and pungency that have an almost unbelievable persistency – the perceptions continue to evolve in the mouth, on the tongue and at the back of the throat for minutes after tasting.

One of the best oils I've ever smelled or tasted.  (May 2013)


Early Harvest - pressed from the first green, unripe hontroelia olives, hand-picked only in Mt. Athos region, Halkidiki, Greece. Very big bodied, lots of green vegetation (really big artichoke, chicory). (March 2012)



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