Great Olive Oils 2.0

The TiOO Great Oils list is evolving.  We’re adopting a new format, which allows you to rate and add your personal comments on individual olive oils, as well as on olive oil stores that you particularly like.  Right now the new format is up for US and Canada and Italy, and we’re working as fast as we can on other country lists.  In this new format, you’re able to share your olive oil and olive store experiences, while store owners can post news, tastings, olive oil educational events and other goings on around their shops.

We aim for this to become a space where conversations among oil-lovers, producers, merchants and chefs develop and flourish.  So please drop by and let us know what you think of the oils you’re using, the shops you’re visiting – and keep posting questions about the ones you want to know better.


Uh, your headline on this

Uh, your headline on this entry (which was also in your e-mail) is "Geat Olive Oils" perhaps i am missing a technical term, but I think you mean 'great'????

By naming certain

By naming certain establishments for consumers to look at to buy quality oil, you show preferential suggestions which I consider unfair to other businesses that supply excellent quality oil. I believe that you should not name businesses unless you are going to provide a complete list of all businesses that
people can shop at.

@jan, it is even worse. In

@jan, it is even worse. In that list is at least 1 company which is telling a nice story but......... By adding it to the list of great olive oils of the world it is EVEN more unfair for the little producer which makes a good and hounost product BUT does not have the money to make a fancy commercial image which blends away the reality.....

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